Regeneration and re-energised in just a few minutes

In Asia, Powernapping was and is a short and powerful energy sleep, and an integral component of everyday life. In Central Europe, more and more people are beginning to discover how efficient correctly carried out and targeted Powernapping can be, above all, in the professional fields.

In order to Powernap in the best way possible, Eurofoam has developed the inemuri couch in cooperation with physiotherapists and doctors. This supports the body optimally in its regeneration.

A total conceptual solution has been conceived for the couch, consisting of a space concept, specific introductory advice, as well as valuable additional products.

20 minutes for more power and motivation

> Recharge your batteries whilst sleeping
> Reduction of both heart attack risk and burnout danger
> Increased concentration and attentiveness
> Higher performance level, more enjoyment at work
> Reduces error and accident ratio
> More energy to enjoy your free time.


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